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Another Point Of View #7 – Perceiving the world

Hey all,

Imagine that ur now standing with 2 of your best friends, which u know 4 many years. let’s call them Linda and John. Now, ur telling both of them about that great steak that u had last night in that amazing restaurant.

John, who is a fat carnivorous, smiles while starting to drool on his floral button shirt. He is probably thinking to himself something like: “Oh my god, u know how to live! Jesus, I wish I had one or two or three of these steaks right now.. I wonder if u also had a barrel of beer next to it because that’s what I would want to have next to my outrages number of steaks. I ADMIRE YOU FOR THAT”

Linda, well, she is more an animal rights kind of person. And she’s really in to it, u c? Actually, she is the leader of the biggest protest organization against animals killing IN THE WORLD. So her mind is mumbling something like: “Oh u jurk. They should really kill people like u. Not just kill you, but fatten you before that just like they do to a goose. And than sell your meat to some restaurent so that fat f*** like drooling John would eat you, while he drinks that barrel of beer and burps like a pig. I HATE YOU”

Alright now, so what I’m trying to say is, that when 2 people are looking at a 3rd one, they never really see the same thing. What they do see is the sum of their thoughts, believes, passions, habbits and so on, while this man only represents their attitude towards those things. And this is only an example for a much wider idea – No two people live in the same world. Each and every one of us lives in a totally personal world to which no one can enter because it all happens in our heads.

Conclusion – make sure that your thoughts are in the right place.

And smile.



Another Point Of View #6

Now here’s another point of view – Woody Allen on nothing, everything, meaning and meaninglessness, and the role of the artist….

Another Point Of View #5 – How to make money?


Hey there,

So now I’m going to tell you a big secret.

One day, a man wakes up in the morning, and asks himself – “How can I make money?”.

And than, new questions arise, one after the other – “What is it, that no one have done yet?” or “How will I make more people come to my store?” and of course “Maybe I should change my marketing tactics?”

So – here’s the thing. There is one thing that ALL the people in the world want. one thing that ALL the people in the world are willing to pay for. One thing that can make ALL the people in the world become your customers.

ALL the people in the world want to be happy.

So, instead of asking yourself “How can I make more money?”, start asking yourself “How can I make people happier?”.

Do that, full hearted, and you won’t feel any lack until the end of your days. Humanity it self will start paying the bills for you.


Another Point Of View #4

Latest brain researches show that after 21 days of saying 3 new gratitudes a day, our brain rewire it self to see the positive instead of the negetive.

It is a little effort, for a GREAT value.

Will you do it, for yourself?

Another Point Of View #3

Here’s a little fun game I use to play with myself when someone annoys me: I ask my self “What do I like about him?”. Soon after asking this question, a smile comes upon my face, the stress in my stomach disappears and instead of hearing my angry thoughts, I begin to hear the birds again.

Have a funny day,

Yuri πŸ™‚

Another point of view #2

You get disturbed when something “Bad” happens. But you know that life is a matter of our point of view, right? We all categorize different things as “Bad”. So maybe instead of seeing things as “Good” or “Bad”, you should try seeing things as “Lessons” and “Fruits”. Anything that is now categorized as “Bad” should become “Lesson”. A lesson is a happy thing, right? And anything which is “Good” should become “Fruit”, a fruit you earned for being a good student and understand previous lessons.

Take care,